Stuckey’s – Nuts, Candy & More

The Founder

It was in the year 1930 that W.S. Stuckey borrowed a Ford Model A from his grandmother to start a venture. His plan was to drive around Eastman, Georgia and buy pecans from local farmers. He would then become the middle-man and sell these pecans to local nut processors. This was the beginning of the great American company called Stuckey’s!

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Building The Business

In 1930, Stuckey made $4,500 but by 1937 he had increased his profits to $150,000 per year. That's quite a tidy sum back in the '30s!

In 1937, he also opened his first roadside stand on Highway 23 in Eastman, GA. where he sold his pecans, sugar syrups, cherry cider and other commodities such as quilts and other household items.

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More Initiative

Soon after opening his roadside stand, Stuckey's wife Ethel figured out how to make candied pecans (Pralines) and business really took off! Three more stores were opened and they started making all the candies on site. Stuckey's seemed to be on a roller-coaster to national fame!



When the war broke out, Stuckey's started losing money and even had to close one of his stores. He also lost another store to an accidental fire.

Determined to succeed, Stuckey was able to sign a government contract to make candy to be given to the troops.

Stuckey's praline

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After the war, Stuckey's began to grow once again and eventually had 350 stores located throughout the USA!

Gift Shop
Gift Shop

Too Much To Handle

Eventually, the Stucky's chain became too much to handle and was sold to Pet, Inc. (maker of Pet Milk) in the mid 60s. By the time W.S. Stuckey Jr (the son) died in 1977, Pet Milk closed most of the Stuckey's stores and only 75 locations remained. What a shame!

Still in Business

You can still find some locations open for business in the USA. Click the map below to find one nearest you:

Stuckey's locations map

You can also find the Stuckey's website below:

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7 responses to “Stuckey’s – Nuts, Candy & More”

  1. Judy French Avatar
    Judy French

    There was (still may be) one outside of Benson, AZ. When living in Tucson that is where I bought my Country Ham! Thanks for being there!

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    1. Bob Mulhall Avatar
      Bob Mulhall


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  4. Ralph Feeney Avatar
    Ralph Feeney

    My first job. Stuckey’s on Mt. Comfort Road about 25 miles East of Indianapolis off of I-70.

  5. Cassandra ellis Avatar
    Cassandra ellis

    Do they still sell fudge

  6. Laura Daly Avatar
    Laura Daly

    I remember seeing (and going to) Stuckey’s in 1969

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