Dum Dums Lollypops
Why do they call them Dum Dums?
Retro Candy

This is the number one question asked about this retro candy. Why do they call them by that name? It actually a very simple answer. The creators tried to think of a name most children could easily say. Dum Dum is pretty easy to say! Sorry if you were looking for a more meaningful answer but it’s not complicated at all.

Pop Culture

There are several products that can be called a staple in American Pop Culture and this candy is definitely on the list. Who can deny the satisfaction of grabbing a free, tasty lollipop at the doctor’s office or at the bank? It’s awesome! I must confess that I usually grab one or two extra for the road. I can’t help myself! Sometimes I reach into my pocket to find the crumpled wrapper not remembering what it is or how it got there. I eventually unravel it to read the label and suddenly recall the delicious flavor. It’s like experiencing it twice!


Back in 1924, Dum Dums were created by The Akron Candy Company in Bellevue, Ohio USA. The manufacturing process is definitely not rocket science. The recipe is basically sugar and corn syrup with color and flavoring all cooked together. The mixture is then pressed into molds to create the unique spherical shape. After the lollypops cool, they are sent down a conveyor belt where they are then wrapped and prepared for shipping

Video: Dum Dums Factory Tour

How Many Flavors Are There?

Originally there were only 7 flavors but currently there are 16 being made with a special “Mystery Flavor”. The secretive Mystery Flavor is changed often, so you never know what you’re gonna get. Just try and guess what it is? It’s fun!

Fun Fact:

Early on, the manufacturers considered adding a plastic lollipop stick but they found it just didn’t bend properly. Also, customers complained about the potential for injury

You might buy a smaller bag of these sweet treats and all available flavors will not be included. If you want all the flavors, buy the big bag! Also, if you really only like one flavor, you can buy them on their website (link below)


Why are they so small?

The size of these perfect lollipops was carefully considered over the years. The manufacturer feels they are the perfect size for snacking. Only 25 calories for a huge burst a flavor that lasts a long time. No wonder they are so popular!

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Dum Dums
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