improve your brain
10 Ways to Improve Your Brain
How to Improve Your Brain

Improve Your Brain.

The brain is undoubtedly the most significant part of your body. Researchers have learned that the brain continues to change throughout a person’s life. The process by which the brain modifies itself is called neuroplasticity. Simply put, give the brain new challenges and it opens up new neural pathways in the brain. There is a great book entitled “Super Brain” that explains this in detail. Of course, there are more than 10 ways to improve your brain but we’re addressing 10 in this blog

As a person ages, his/her brain experiences anatomical and physiological changes. With increasing age, every person needs the desire to become more innovative and more knowledgeable. The alternative is to become stagnant. Don’t let that happen!

The good thing is that you can improve your brain functioning by adding small tasks to your routine. 10 simple ways that will help you in improving your brain function are listed below.

1.    Physical Exercise:

  • Physical exercise such as walking, tennis, yoga etc. help to boost mental health along with physical health. The brain release endorphins which are that “Good Feeling” hormone after physical activity.
  • Regular exercise helps get more oxygen to the brain and increases the growth of new brain cells. Yes, it is possible to grow new brain cells at ANY age! Exercise can also protect existing brain cells by providing a steady flow of stimulation and nourishment.
How to Improve Your Brain

2.    Good Sleep:

  • The brain eliminates harmful toxins during sleep, sharpens memory, and boosts your thinking capabilities. Get your sleep!
  • Some people use alcohol as a sedative to get to sleep but research has shown that alcohol inhibits our ability get into a deep sleep a state, which is by far the most beneficial.
  • It’s better to control your sleeping hours because extra sleep can also have destructive impacts on the brain’s cognitive functions. Get 8-9 hours, no more, no less (unless you have medical issues)
How to Improve Your Brain

3.    Proper Nutrition:

  • Eating healthy food containing nutrients can help improve your brain health and eliminate the risk of oxidative stress.
  • Eat food that are rich in proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals such as fruits, fish, vegetables, dry fruits, etc.  The less processed foods in your diet, the better.
brain food

4.    Reading Books:

  • Add reading as an essential part of your routine if you wish to be smarter, creative, and knowledgeable. Many successful people who remain mentally sharp well into their 90s attribute this to reading every day. Not only does this physically open up new neural pathways in your brain, it makes you quite knowledgeable!
  • It also helps your brain to relieve stress, boost your mood, strengthen your memory and imagination.
How to Improve Your Brain

5.    Watching Documentaries:

  • Documentaries are the best source of gaining knowledge about the world if you are not willing to read books.
  • People who watch documentaries possess good mental capabilities and have extensive knowledge.

6.    Learning New Skills:

  • Always be ready to try new things. These might be playing mind-building games, learning a language, cooking, woodworking, teaching others, or any sport you are capable of participating in.
  • The more time spent learning a skill, the more it will stimulate the neurons in your brain, resulting in improved cognitive abilities.
How to Improve Your Brain

7.    Stress Management:

  • Spend your time doing meditation, exercise, listening to music, or any other activity that eases your mind and helps to manage stress.
  • Managing stress helps in resolving both mental and physical problems. It helps in improving your quality of life.
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8.    Positive Thinking:

  • Positive thinking plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy mind. It helps people to achieve their goals. So, stay positive and if you already are, help somebody else do the same!
  • Positive thinking increases a person’s mental capabilities making them more focused and creative.

9.    NO Smoking:

  • No surprises here. We are all aware of the dangers of smoking. Be kind to your brain and take steps to quit. Your loved ones will appreciate it as well
  • Quitting smoking rewires your brain and helps in recuperating brain function.

10. Staying Healthy:

  • Treat your underlying diseases that affect your cognitive abilities, e.g., high blood sugar level and hypertension. Schedule regular physical exams with your doctor
  • There are many activities that can improve your physical and mental health. Remember, the best exercise for you is the one you enjoy. Try different things and see what resonates with you!
  • You don’t have to be an athlete to reap the benefits of exercise. Simply doing a daily walk can increase your brain function tremendously. Just ask those who walk regularly. They’ll tell you! If you’re having a hard time getting started, invite a friend or two to join you. Walking with others is fun and will keep you on track. It will also improve your sense of accountability. Time to meet for walking at 9am…gotta go!
How to Improve Your Brain

* This article is not meant to be a substitute for a medical doctor’s advice. It is for entertainment purposes only
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