Younger Generation
5 Annoying Things About The Younger Generation
Younger Generation

1) Sense of Entitlement in the younger generation

Yeah, yeah, we all know about entitlement in the younger generation. While it doesn’t necessarily exist exclusively in the younger generation, it certainly seems more pervasive these days. Soft discipline makes soft people



Hey, it’s fine if you want to walk around the house looking like you just crawled out of a dumpster but we have to draw the line out in public. A little pride in your appearance goes a long way. If you’re going to a job interview wearing pants that are 5 times bigger than you are and your hair looks like a pack of stray cats have been living in it, you’re probably not going to get the job (unless the job is garbage collector or director of stray cats). Ahh, the younger generation!


OK, when I first got my driver’s license I thought it was unfair that young people had to pay exponentially higher insurance rates but now I know why! Come on kids, is it really necessary for you to drive like lunatics just so you can get to the Seven Eleven to buy chips and energy drinks? Carelessness cause accidents and accidents change lives and not for the better. Slow the hell down!


While it’s fine that the younger generation can use their pseudo-English online with their friends, it’s definitely stunting their ability to converse in the real world. As a result, opportunities pass them by. See my rant above about job interviews


How many times have you seen people spending “quality time” together and they are all just staring at their phones? It’s insanity!

See the sunlight! In addition, feel it on your skin

Smell the air! For instance, get your butt outside!

Enough with the 8 hours a night playing video games!

Touch the grass! Similarly, touch anything outdoors you aren’t allergic to

Have a personal conversation with another human being using your mouth! as a result, you’ll enhance your soul

Tell someone you love them instead of sending a heart emoji (yeah they are cute but in moderation)!

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