Weebles Wooble – Or Do They?

“Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down”

Weebles, the beloved children’s roly-poly toys, have been entertaining and delighting kids since Hasbro/Romper Room first introduced them in 1971. These egg-shaped toys are unique in that they can be tipped over, but they always return to their upright position thanks to the design. Over the years, they have been featured in a variety of shapes, including people and animals, and have been released and re-released several times.

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The History of Weebles

In 1969, Romper Room introduced the world to Weebles, the charming egg-shaped toys that quickly became a favorite among children. Competing with Fisher-Price’s Little People, they stood out with their unique design and the famous catchphrase “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down,” which perfectly described their unshakable balance.

Video: Weeble Commercial From the 1970s

The Weebles family includes Dad, Mom, brother, sister, baby, and even a furry friend, the dog. Their bright colors and wobbly movement captured the attention of young children, and many parents have reported that the mesmerizing swaying of this toy had a calming effect on their little ones.

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Design Principle

The unique design of a Weeble toy is based on certain physics principles to ensure that it always remains right-side up. The egg shape of this toy is crucial for these principles to work. It must have a bottom that is a smooth hemisphere, allowing it to roll and be nearly symmetrical from the central vertical axis.

Weebles gif

The inside of the Weeble is filled with two types of unmixed solids, with the volume of the lighter solid being greater than that of the heavier solid. This, along with the overall shape having constant positive curvature, ensures that any vertical axis orientation causes the object’s centroid to rise and become offset, allowing for only one position of stable mechanical equilibrium. In other words, the design of this toy is carefully crafted to achieve the perfect balance of wobbling without falling.

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Playsets Through The Years

Throughout the 1970s, a wide variety of Weebles playsets were introduced in the United States, including the Haunted House, Treehouse, Camper, Playground, Marina, Circus, and Fun House, to name a few. These playsets often came with specific figures, but they could also be purchased separately. In total, there were 44 sets that included at least one figure and a vehicle or larger sets made between 1972 and 1982.

Super Weebles Hero
Romper Room Super Weeble Hero

In 2004, a new line of Weebles was created that was not egg-shaped but rather shaped like different animals. These were produced for a couple of years and included sets such as the Weebleville Town Center, Weeschool, Wegetable Stand, Weebles Barn Dance, and Weehicles.

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Then in 2006, the Storybook World was introduced, which included playsets such as Hansel and Gretel’s Wobbly Adventure, Jack and Jill’s Wobbly Adventure, Goldilocks’ Adventure Cottage, and Cinderella Carriage. Since then, Hasbro introduced a new line of Weebles with playsets such as the Musical Treehouse, Wobble-Go-Round, and Weebles on the Bus, among others.


Weebles Today

Ultimately, Weebles have been delighting children and adults for over 50 years. The unique egg-shaped design, catchy catchphrase, and wide variety of playsets and figures have contributed to the toy’s enduring popularity. Even though Weebles were not continuously produced, they have been relaunched multiple times, with new playsets and figures introduced every time.


Today, Weebles continue to be a beloved toy for children, providing hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Weebles can be found in many toy stores and online marketplaces and still capture the hearts of children and their parents, who remember playing with them during their childhood.

If you’re looking to experience the nostalgia of your childhood or introduce a new generation to the magic of Weebles, be sure to check them out and rediscover the fun of these beloved toys!

weebles haunted house toy

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it out for yourself and see if your Weebles really do wobble without falling down. It’s a fun and entertaining experiment that’s sure to bring back fond memories of childhood.

So why not revisit an old favorite and bring some joy back into your life? Weebles may have been around for decades, but their charm and entertainment value are just as strong as ever. So head on over to your local toy store or online marketplace and bring home a set of Weebles today. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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