Hackberry General Store – A Fun Place to Visit
Hackberry General Store

The town Hackberry, Arizona was founded circa 1874 in Mojave County after a silver mine was discovered. Subsequently, a small thriving community followed. When the railroad reached the town in 1882, shipments of cattle began to arrive and economic growth continued to be on the rise in the area. Hackberry, AZ was known for “Shootin’, Fightin’ and Faro(a card game)”

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Because the nearest place to buy groceries was in Kingman, which was at least one day’s drive at the time (in a Model A), Hackberry General Store was built. It served the many workers and their families who were employed in the mine. Crucial needs like gasoline, food items, clothing and many other commodities were offered

Hackberry General Store

Hackberry General Store was put out of business when the silver mine closed in 1919. If fell into disrepair but was revitalized many decades later

The store was reopened in 1992 by artist Bob Waldmire who is famously known for his Rt 66 art and his whimsical historic maps.

In 1998, the store was sold to John Pritchard who, like Waldmire, wanted to preserve Hackberry General Store “As Is”. The rundown look of the store was a perfect draw for those who loved nostalgia. Pritchard did very well while operating the store as a souvenir shop, which also sold his own creations.

Hackberry General Store inside

In 2016, Mr Pritchard felt he was ready to retire and sold Hackberry General Store to his employee and friend Amy Franklin. Franklin also wanted to keep the store “As Is” and has continued to do so to this day

Hackberry General Store inside
Visit Hackberry General Store

When planning your Rt 66 road trip, be sure to include this gem in your travels. You will find an amazing selection of Route 66 memorabilia and well as original artwork you will not find anywhere else!

Oh, and be sure to take a photo next to the classic red ’57 Corvette that is parked in front!

Video: Tour of Hackberry General Store

Hackberry General Store can be found at 11255 E Hwy 66, Hackberry, AZ

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  4. Eric James Hartman Avatar

    “Hello, I enjoyed your article on Hackberry Arizona. However, I remember the store when I lived in a section house along the Santa Fe tracks when I went to the first grade in the old two room school house in 1949. I also was the little girl from Hackberry that won the Little Miss Kingman contest in Kingman in 1947. My Dad worked for Santa Fe. The section house have been taken away, but there was a community there. I knew the local ranchers”

    ~ Cosette Riggs

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