Top 5 Best Restaurants in Clermont Florida
best restaurants in clermont fl

If you are looking for the best restaurants in the Clermont Fl area, we have compiled an biased Top-5 list based on actual customer reviews

#5 – The Crooked Spoon in Clermont

The Crooked Spoon in Clermont

Located on Citrus Tower Blvd in Clermont, this gastropub is without a doubt one of the Top 5 Best Restaurants in Clermont Florida. It’s wonderful rustic atmosphere is the perfect setting for enjoying one of their slammin’ burgers served with house kettle chips. Awesome! According to many Google reviews, customers love the appetizers, which include Texas Wings (Slightly spicy & sweet Texas dry rub, whiskey honey-butter glaze, chives) and Blue Cheese Fondue (Brie and beer cheese dip, chives, pretzel rolls)

Top 5 Wine Bars in Clermont

#4 – The Taphouse @ Clermont

The Taphouse @ Clermont

Located on Highway 27, The Taphouse @ Clermont features a fine selection of wine, cider, beer and great food. Reviewers have commented on the above-average service and the wide variety of cuisine available. Some favorites include Beer Bratwurst, Spicy Fried Chicken, Pub Fish & Chips and Jumbo Pretzels

Wine Bars in Clermont Florida
Top 5 Wine Bars in Clermont Fl

#3 – Akina in Clermont

Akina Asian Restaurant Clermont FL

Heading a little further south on Rt 27 in Clermont, we have an outstanding Asian restaurant by the name of Akina . From the moment you walk through it’s doors, you will feel comfortable in it’s serene interior. Staff is very friendly and the wait time for food service is much faster than most restaurants in the area. Do not be deceived by the expedience because the food is top-notch and far from your typical fast-food Asian restaurant. Catering services are also available

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#2 – San Jose’s Mexican Restaurant

San Jose's Restaurant in Clermont

Located in the Publix Complex on Route 27 north in Clermont is a San Jose’s. They are a family-owned local chain with 5 stores in Central Florida and they excel at serving festive Mexican food. Yes, they do serve a somewhat generic menu but the final product is definitely a cut above the rest. Service is great and their prices are fair for the quality that is offered. All meals have a wonderfully fresh quality and the free house chips and salsa never get any complaints!

wine and beer in clermont fl

#1 – Root & Branch bistro + barClermont

Root & Branch bistro bar in Clermont FL

Located on Oakley Seaver Drive in Clermont’s business district, Root & Branch bistro + bar offers an exceptional dining experience that even the pickiest foodie will give a big thumb’s up to! They feature an outstanding and diverse menu of fine cuisine and an impressive collection of wine and spirits! Some dishes reviewers have commented favorably on are their Truffle Fries (appetizer), the Pan Seared Salmon entree (served with piccata lemon cream, fresh seasonal vegetables) and confit fingerling potatoes. Don’t forget to cap off your meal with a serving of Gran Marnier Creme Brulee!

Barrels and Boards Groveland FL

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