Foods kids hate
10 Foods We Hated As Kids
Foods kids hate

Here is a list of some foods our parents served us as kids that we hated

Before we begin, we should say with full disclosure that we have no evidence that ALL kids hated these foods. This list is in response to a recent Facebook post and is compiled from feedback by our page members.

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Yes, everyone knows about the nutritional benefits of this vision-boosting root vegetable but the question is whether or not it is among the foods we hated as kids. Our Facebook members give this question a resounding NO! As a result, the list goes on….

Carrots are generally known to be orange, however, they are also available in yellow, purple, black, red and white. Does that really matter? Although some recipes such as “candied carrots’ or “buttered carrots” can make this veggie more palatable, whether or not we ate them back in the day is questionable.


Foods kids hate

Brussel Sprouts: This member of the cabbage family has long been feared by many children across the globe. These little green monsters give off the aroma of sweaty feet when they’re boiled. No sweaty feet on a plate for me thanks!


Foods kids hate

BELL PEPPERS: Although many adults do learn to enjoy bell peppers later in life, the jury is still out on how many of us enjoyed them as kids. The red, orange, yellow and green colors looked fun but was this veggie a barrel of monkeys? Not really


Foods kids hate

CELERY: Also known as “Crunchy Water”, this marshland plant is about as flavorful as a doorknob. Sure, as adults we dip them in ranch dressing to disguise their lack of personality but as kids I don’t recall them going over well at parties! The only practical use I can recall for this silly stalk is in powder form which was blended into our tuna sandwiches. Not bad

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Let’s Not Only Pick on Veggies


Foods kids hate

LIVER AND ONIONS: If this was a “Top 10” list of hated childhood foods, this gut-bomb would be number one hands down! Who can forget the pungent smell of this food from hell wafting through the house, the neighborhood and perhaps the entire universe. It is my personal belief that the smell of liver and onions cannot be destroyed. It simply goes somewhere else to torment others


Foods kids hate

BEANS: Yes, we all know that beans have a ton of fiber and protein, and their nutritional benefits go far beyond that but did we really care about these benefits as kids? Do you feel that beans should be amongst the list of foods we hated as kids. I do!

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You’ve all heard the saying, “Beans, beans the magical fruit – the more ya eat the more ya toot”. It’s not so funny when you have a family of 7 who’s loaded up and getting ready for movie night in the living room!


Foods kids hate

OKRA: This flowering plant is more recognizable in the south, where it is a staple. Most find this green goblin to be a slimy mess that kids are not crazy about. Hated it then, hate it now,. YUK!


Foods kids hate

YOGURT: Sure, there are a million different flavored versions of yogurt available today that are pretty good but back in the day it was not a sought-after snack by children. Sour, watery on top, soupy flavored fruit on the bottom you had to mix up…nah, not too groovy!


Foods kids hate

OLIVES: Although this is a staple in Mediterranean diets, it’s appeal to kids has never been stellar. It may be harsh to include this in a list of hated foods but hey, too bad olives. You need to work on your marketing

And Last But Not Least


Foods kids hate

BEETS: Beets? Are you kidding me? “No! No beets please” has been the resounding battle cry of kids across the world for years. Serving this veggie to children is cruel and unusual punishment. Although there seems to be no law on the books in regards to serving this root vegetable, there should be! Adults, please enjoy your beets and let kids be kids

  • This information in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice. It is purely for entertainment purposes

As we grow older, our taste buds mature, and we may find ourselves liking foods we once hated. However, these ten foods will always hold a special place in our childhood memories as the one we would refuse to eat no matter what. But who knows? Maybe someday, we’ll give them another chance and rediscover their flavors.

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