Anybody Know What This Thing Is?

What the heck is it?

If you came across this device, would you recognize its purpose? Maybe only if you share my Italian heritage and have witnessed your great grandmother crafting her renowned noodles. I recall moments in her historic home on Chesterfield Avenue in Baltimore, observing her create the dough and feed it through a press identical to this one. Despite her being Greek, she employed a press similar to this for the task. Afterwards, she would hang the noodles to dry, offering the flexibility to produce delicate angel hair or traditional spaghetti. Individuals without a linguini roller would typically resort to hand-cutting them

About This Pasta Machine

This manually operated pasta machine represents the inaugural pasta machine patented in the United States (February 13, 1806-1906 by Angelo Vitantonio). It is believed to have been produced in Cleveland, Ohio, through the 1920s. The present piece has undergone a gentle cleaning and oiling, showcasing freely turning wheels. Crafted from cast iron, steel, and wood rollers (three of which are provided), it is designed for crafting various pasta types, such as linguini, fettuccine, and lasagna noodles.

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The machine is securely mounted on a wooden block. Vitantonio, known for its specialization in Italian cooking devices until the 1920s, expanded its offerings to include waffle makers and other gourmet cookware. Still operational in 1995, the company was eventually acquired by Kadee. Marked with pride: “Vitantonio MFG Co. Cleveland, O, U.S.A. Patented February 13, 1806 – Mar 2, 1920.”

Can I get One?

Although the machine pictured in this article is vintage, you may be able to find it on Ebay. Good luck!

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