White Castle Hamburgers – 10 Delicious Facts
White Castle

Top 10 Crave-Worthy Facts About White Castle

Utter the words’ belly bomber,’ and watch eyes light up with White Castle memories. This fast-food legend, famous for its small yet mighty burgers, has been capturing hearts for almost 100 years. But behind those sizzling patties and iconic square buns lies a story that’s equally tantalizing. Hungry to know more than what’s on the menu? Sit tight. We’ve cooked up the top 10 facts about them that’ll have you saying, ‘I knew I loved those sliders for a reason!’

White Castle

#1. The Day Burgers Got a Makeover

In 1921, White Castle introduced a new way of making burgers. Anderson’s method involved grilling on high heat at 500°F, precisely pressing the patties, and including grilled onions. But the standout change was using a crisp white bun instead of the typical sliced bread. Because of this innovation, Time magazine recognized it as the top burger of all time. Take that, Big Mac!

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#2. The Mystery of the Hole-y Patty

Have you ever noticed the five holes in the sliders? It’s been revealed that these holes help in cooking the patty quickly without the need to flip it. This innovative idea came from Earl Howell in 1954, but another advantage of the holes is that they amplify the delicious onion flavor in the sliders.

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#3. The Name’s Castle… White Castle

The name “White Castle” isn’t about fairy tales; it’s about trust and cleanliness. After a book called “The Jungle” made people worry about beef safety, the founders, Anderson and Ingram, wanted to show everything was clean and open in their restaurants. So, they named it “White Castle” and let everyone see how they prepared their meat, promising high-quality beef.

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#4. The Tower Behind the ‘Castle’

Did you know that White Castle’s iconic design isn’t native to Kansas? Instead, it draws inspiration from the Chicago Water Tower, one of the few survivors of the 1871 Great Chicago Fire. If we’re tallying inspiration points, it’s Chicago 1, Wichita playing catch-up.

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#5. White Castle: America’s Fast Food Pioneer

1921 was revolutionary. When Anderson started flipping burgers in Wichita, he wasn’t just selling food – he was setting a new standard. Quick, affordable, and always ready. By 1922, they were expanding outside Wichita. So, while England may have had their fish and chip stands since the 1860s, it was America’s first true fast food restaurant.

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#6. Not Just Burgers – Buildings and Hats Too!

Ingram didn’t just focus on food. He created a side company in 1934 called Porcelain Steel Buildings (PSB) to quickly and affordably build White Castle restaurants. During World War II, this company shifted gears to make vehicles for the war. And in a strange twist, it even purchased a company in 1932 to produce their signature paper hats. By 1964, they were making over 54 million hats each year!

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#7. A Hometown Without Its Hero

Although White Castle was born in Wichita, they don’t have a regular store there anymore. Their main office moved to Columbus in 1934. But, in a throwback to their roots, they opened a special store in the city for just one day in 2011 and gave all their earnings to the local food bank.

White Castle

#8. The Burger Bandwagon

After they became popular, many tried to copy their style. Brands like White Fortress, White Tower, and Blue Bell popped up, trying to ride on White Castle’s success. Clearly, the company set a big trend, and none of those names caught on!

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#9. The Burger Diet Experiment

Want to boost your burger’s rep? Fund some “research”. In 1930, it did just that, commissioning a study where a student survived on nothing but their sliders and water for 13 weeks. Needless to say, after this test, White Castle made some changes to improve their burger’s nutrition.

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#10. Fly those Sliders to Me!

Craving a slider in the mid-’80s? They had you covered with their “Burgers to Fly” program. No matter your U.S. location, they’d deliver frozen delights to your doorstep in 24 hours. And while delivery days are past, those very sliders paved the path for our beloved freezer-aisle treasures.

Alright, there’s our deep dive into White Castle’s flavorful past! Got a hankering for a slider now? Drop a line in the comments below with your favorite memory or order. We’re all ears – and appetites!

Video: Vintage Retro White Castle TV Commercial

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  2. Al Smith Avatar
    Al Smith

    I been eating White Castle since I was 7 years old 1947. white Castle is older then McDonald.

  3. Richard Lemanek Avatar
    Richard Lemanek

    Absolutely love White Castle. The onion chips back in the 70’s and 80’s were the best. I still remember eating a sack of 10 with no problem. My wife loves the clam strips. Enjoy the frozen ones from the grocery store but nothing compares to the fresh ones from a White Castle restaurant.

  4. Dan Avatar

    “White Castle Service, it takes just a minute. Get that classy little box with the hamburger in it. For your health we never fry them, we steam them on a bun. Buy White Castle’s by the sack ’cause nobody eats just one”

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