Seinfeld – 10 Crazy Unknown Facts

Step into the world of “Seinfeld,” where nothing is everything, and everything is nothing! For nine glorious seasons, this iconic sitcom took us on a hilariously absurd journey through the lives of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer, leaving us in stitches with their antics and unforgettable catchphrases. But just when you thought you knew everything, hold on! Because today we’re uncovering the top 10 unknown facts about “Seinfeld” that will surprise even the most devoted fans.


#1. Kramer’s Overwhelming Popularity

Michael Richards, playing the quirky character Kramer, became so popular that his entrance applause turned into a full-blown phenomenon. It became so lengthy, in fact, that the other actors started to complain that it was ruining the pacing of their scenes. Eventually, the directors had to request the audience to contain their excitement and reduce their applause for Kramer’s entrance.

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#2. Jerry Seinfeld’s Acting Struggles

Did you know there was a running gag about Jerry Seinfeld’s acting skills—or lack thereof? It turns out this was a real concern for the show’s producers. To compensate for Jerry’s inexperience in acting, they roped in powerhouse performers like Jason Alexander, a Broadway veteran, to add depth and versatility to the cast.

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#3. Seinfeld’s $110 Million Rejection

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, NBC extended an eye-popping $110 million offer to Jerry Seinfeld for a tenth season of the show. However, against all expectations, Jerry made a surprising call when he turned down the deal! But here’s the intriguing twist— his decision wasn’t about money at all; it was a bold move driven by the fact that Seinfeld felt he had no life.

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#4. The Real Soup Nazi

One of the most memorable characters in Seinfeld was the Soup Nazi, played by Larry Thomas. However, did you know that this character was actually inspired by Al Yeganeh, a real-life soup vendor in Manhattan? Just like in the sitcom, his soups were exceptional, but his treatment of customers? Not so much. After the infamous episode aired, Yeganeh banned the word “Nazi” from his restaurant and even claimed that the show had ruined his life.

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#5. Record-Breaking Final Season

Seinfeld is one of only three series in American history to rank number one in the ratings for its entire final network season. The other two were I Love Lucy and The Andy Griffith Show. Now that’s good company to keep!

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#6. The Real George Costanza

George Costanza, named after Jerry Seinfeld’s friend, Michael Costanza, led to quite the legal debacle. Michael sued Seinfeld, Larry David, and NBC for a staggering $100 million, alleging invasion of privacy and defamation of character. The case, however, was dismissed due to statute limitations.

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#7. Jason Alexander’s Pessimism

Before the show aired, Jerry Seinfeld asked Jason Alexander about their chances of success. Alexander’s response? They “didn’t have a chance” since he believed that the only potential audience for the show was people like him, and he didn’t watch TV!

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#8. Larry David’s Volatility

Larry David was notorious for his volatility in meetings with NBC executives, often flatly refusing their suggestions. His fiery attitude led to him being banned from attending these meetings altogether.

#9. The Real Cosmo Kramer

Cosmo Kramer’s character was based on Kenny Kramer, who lived across the hall from co-creator Larry David. Recognizing an opportunity, Kenny created the “Kramer Reality Tour,” featuring real-life locations from the sitcom. This eventually inspired an episode where Cosmo Kramer started a similar tour.

#10. The Iconic Apartment

Finally, did you know the apartment shown as 129 West 81st Street, New York City, New York, isn’t actually located in New York? The exterior shots were filmed at 757 S. New Hampshire Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

Well, there you have it! But these fascinating facts have just scratched the surface of what makes “Seinfeld” truly legendary. Now, it’s your turn! We want to hear from you. Share your favorite “Seinfeld” moments, characters, or episodes in the comments below. Let’s celebrate the show about nothing together!

The Best Quotes from Seinfeld

  1. “It’s not a lie if you believe it.” – George Costanza
  2. “The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli.” – George Costanza
  3. “No soup for you!” – The Soup Nazi”
  4. These pretzels are making me thirsty!” – Kramer
  5. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” – Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza (used to cover up their awkwardness around sensitive topics)
  6. “Yada, yada, yada.” – Elaine Benes (used to gloss over important details)
  7. “Serenity now!” – Frank Costanza
  8. I’m out!” – George Costanza (when leaving a social situation)
  9. “It’s gold, Jerry! Gold!” – Kenny Bania
  10. “You can’t spare a square?” – Elaine Benes”
  11. “A Festivus for the rest of us!” – Frank Costanza
  12. “Hello, Newman” – Jerry Seinfeld (with disdain whenever he encountered his nemesis, Newman)”
  13. “So you’re the Assman??!!” – Kramer (when discovering that the proctologist is The Assman)
  14. “I was in the pool!” – George Costanza

Seinfeld Cast:

  • Jerry Seinfeld as Jerry Seinfeld
  • Jason Alexander as George Costanza
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes
  • Michael Richards as Cosmo Kramer
  • Wayne Knight as Newman
  • Jerry Stiller as Frank Costanza
  • Estelle Harris as Estelle Costanza
  • Len Lesser as Uncle Leo
  • Patrick Warburton as David Puddy
  • Ruth Cohen as Ruthie Cohen
  • Barney Martin as Morty Seinfeld
  • Liz Sheridan as Helen Seinfeld
  • Heidi Swedberg as Susan Ross
  • John O’Hurley as J. Peterman
  • Danny Woodburn as Mickey Abbott
  • Steve Hytner as Kenny Bania
  • Richard Herd as Wilhelm
  • Phil Morris as Jackie Chiles
  • Ian Abercrombie as Mr. Pitt
  • John Michael Higgins as Justin Pitt
  • Bryan Cranston as Tim Whatley
  • Teri Hatcher as Sidra Holland
  • Marlee Matlin as Laura
  • Jane Leeves as Marla the Virgin

Great supporting actors and many others contributed to the comedic brilliance of “Seinfeld” and helped create the rich and memorable world of the show.

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