Bazooka Joe – Yes or No?
Bazooka Joe Comic Strip

More Than Just a Candy Wrapper

Bazooka Joe is a beloved comic strip character that has been a staple in American pop culture for generations. He first gained notoriety as the star of small comics included in every piece of bubble gum. With his iconic black eyepatch, Bazooka Joe quickly became one of the more recognizable advertising characters of the 20th century, thanks to his widespread distribution. Join us as we delve into the life and legacy of this iconic character and discover what made Joe such a memorable and beloved part of American pop culture.

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Bazooka Joe

The Birth of Bazooka Joe

In the early 1950s, Woody Gelman and Ben Solomon, leaders in product development at Topps, approached cartoonist Wesley Morse to bring their vision of a comic strip character named “Bazooka Joe” to life. The name was chosen through a contest that solicited suggestions from the public. Through his drawings, Morse became the first artist to bring Joe and his gang of mischievous friends to life.

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Gelman, who worked as an editor and writer for Topps, and Solomon, who served as its art director, had previously created the character “Popsicle Pete” for Popsicle ice pop advertisements. Their work on Popsicle Pete caught the attention of Topps President Arthur Shorin, who hired them full-time to work in Brooklyn.

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Bazooka Joe underwent changes throughout the years, adapting to cultural shifts and the latest fashion trends. For instance, in the 1990s, Joe sported a more modern look, including low-slung, baggy jeans. Yet, the popularity of Joe extended beyond American borders, with localizations or translations of the comics made for international sale. One such example, the Canadian version featured text balloons in both English and French.

Bazooka Joe Commercial From the 1980s

His Comical Crew

Bazooka Joe, the comic strip star, is joined by an eclectic group of friends on his various adventures. This cast of characters, inspired by the syndicated kid gang comic strips of the past, includes:

  • Pesty – Joe’s younger brother with a cowboy sombrero
  • Mort – A gangly boy with a red turtleneck sweater
  • Hungry Herman – Joe’s chubby pal
  • Jane – Joe’s girlfriend
  • Tuffy – A streetwise sailor
  • Walkie Talkie – The neighborhood mutt.
Bazooka Joe Comic Strip
Bazooka Joe Comic from 1954

Since their debut in 1954, the Bazooka Joe comics have been a staple in the world of bubblegum entertainment. The comics, filled with child-friendly jokes and small advertisements for kitschy merchandise, offered a lighthearted escape for young readers. They also included “fortunes” at the bottom, reminiscent of those found in fortune cookies, adding an element of humor to the already playful comic strips.

Bazooka Joe

Bazooka Joe Today

Joe has had a lasting impact on popular culture. Despite a decline in sales of Bazooka bubble gum, the eyepatch-wearing hero remains a nostalgic favorite among those who grew up with the comics and bubble gum.

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Recently, Bazooka Joe has seen a resurgence in popularity, with merchandise and collectibles appearing on the market. Fans have taken to social media to share their fond memories of the character, fueling renewed interest in the iconic comic strip.

Bazooka Joe gif

In response to this renewed popularity, Bazooka Candy Brands has reissued some of the classic comics, bringing them to a new generation of fans. Though the pals no longer regularly appear on the packaging, the company has embraced the nostalgia for Bazooka Joe, releasing special edition packaging that pays homage to the character’s rich history.


Despite changes over the years, Bazooka Joe remains one of the most recognizable and beloved advertising characters of the 20th century. Today, he continues to bring joy to those who remember him and serves as a testament to the power of timeless childhood memories.

Bazooka Joe

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