Fried Bologna – A Few Ideas
fried bologna

There’s No Right or Wrong Way!

The different ways you can prepare fried bologna (or fried baloney!) are endless. We invite everyone to give us their ideas in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Give us all the details, we’d love to hear ’em!

Be sure to add your comments in the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of this page

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Fried Bologna – Straight Up Old School

Our favorite way to prepare fried boloney is simple and easy. Fry up the meat to your liking and serve on plain white bread with cheese and a little mayo (or a ton of mayo!). Tomatoes and lettuce are optional. Cutting slits in the baloney will prevent it from bubbling up while frying

fried bologna

Cheese, Mayo, Mustard and Chips

Here’s a simple but slick version of the fried bologna sammich with American cheese, yellow mustard, mayo, and some crunchy ridged potato chips on plain-old white bread. Yeah baby!

Fried Bologna with Grits and Eggs

You can’t go wrong with this southern combination. Fried bologna, fried eggs and country grits with butter! Sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Oooooohhhh Weeeeeee!!!!

fried bologna

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Pass the Mustard, Please

Try it with some good ol’ yellow mustard and some grilled onions and you’ve got a feast in your hands! Don’t forget to toast the bread!

Burger Style

Fry up about 5 slices of bologna with some onions and jam it into a nice soft burger bun. Add your favorite cheese, lots of mayo and even a slice or two of bacon if you have it handy. This one’s a real belly-buster folks. Fried bologna for kings and queens!

fried bologna

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Fried Baloney Sliders

Ok folks, this one ain’t rocket science. Get your hands on some slider rolls and do you basic fried baloney with cheese and mayo. YUM DIGGITY DOG!!! Trust us, your guests will thank you (and if they don’t, they can just leave. lol)

fried bologna

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On a Biscuit

Sometimes if we’re in the mood, we’ll buy some Bisquick Mix and fix our fried spam with fresh biscuits. Cheese and mayo will help kick this delicious treat up a notch. A single egg on each biscuit is also an option!

fried bologna

How Do YOU Prepare Fried Bologna?

We know you all have some great ideas, so please leave them in the “Leave a reply” section below. A good fried bologna recipe is priceless!

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7 responses to “Fried Bologna – A Few Ideas”

  1. Dianne Adams Avatar
    Dianne Adams

    Fried put Black Pepper on both side , Add Mayo Lettuce and Tomato and pickled on wheat Bread and thank the Lord and a bag of plain Lays Potato Chips

  2. Lori. Neal Avatar
    Lori. Neal

    I make f r i e d bologna on bread with a fried egg sliced pickles lettuce tomato and mayo I grew up on this we called it a combination sandwich I would have this for dinner

  3. Arty Avatar

    6 slices Wardyinski balony 1/4″ thick cut into cubes
    1 lg onion sliced & cut into cubes
    2 cans stewed tomatoes
    1 tbs butter
    Brown balony & onions in butter to desired crispness
    Add stewed tomatoes & let simmer
    Serve over rice.

  4. Dot Gladu Avatar
    Dot Gladu

    3 slices fried bologna and peanut butter on toasted white bread. Yummy!

  5. kendall Avatar

    my mom made fried bologna with onions and green peppers smothered in hone made
    30 weight gravy,

  6. Shirley Avatar

    Grilled cheese with fried bologna

  7. BolognaIsForIdiots Avatar

    BARF, BARF,BARF. Bologna is simply horrible.

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