What State is the Grand Canyon In?
What State is the Grand Canyon In?
The Grand Canyon

Where is it located?

What State is the Grand Canyon In? Let’s discover this together!

The 3 states bordering the Grand Canyon are Arizona, Nevada and Utah. The canyon is situated in the northwest corner of Arizona, but the canyon rim partially passes through all three of these states. Here’s a map:

Grand Canyon Map
Map of The Grand Canyon

What is the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is a very steep canyon carved out of the Earth by the Colorado River. This gargantuan work of nature spans over 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and is over a mile deep. It’s very impressive and is still expanding!

What State is the Grand Canyon In?
The Grand Canyon


For thousands of years, Native Americans lived in and around the Grand Canyon. The Pueblo Indians considered it to be a sacred site. It remained holy ground for indigenous people until the first Spanish settlers appeared in 1540.

The Grand Canyon is not the deepest canyon in the world. Although it is dwarfed in size by the Kali Gandaki Gorge in Nepal, The Grand Canyon’s colorfully rich landscape makes it a far better visual experience. Have you visited? Why not?

Grand Canyon History Video

US President Teddy Roosevelt was a great admirer of The Grand Canyon and spent may outings there hiking, fishing and hunting. He was so fond of this amazing natural wonder that he wielded his political power to preserve it in every way possible.

What State is the Grand Canyon In?
The Grand Canyon at dusk

Amazing Facts About The Grand Canyon

  • In 1889, tycoon Frank Brown planned to build a railroad along the Colorado River with the purpose of carrying coal. An expedition was launched to survey the area but because they did not have the proper boats and guidance, Brown lost his life in a drowning accident. That railroad was never built
  • The Grand Canyon contains small amounts of uranium but mining of this radioactive element was suspended in 2009 due to it’s feared impact on the environment
  • This area has some of the cleanest air in the world, although this can be effected by dust storms and forest fires
  • It took Mother Nature approximately 3 to 6 million years to carve out The Grand Canyon. Some recent studies have asserted the fact that it may have taken 70 million years! It continues to erode today
  • The Grand Canyon measures a whopping 1,900 square miles!
  • No dinosaur bones have ever been found in this area, largely because the dinosaurs were long gone before the canyon formed
  • Although geologists have examined less than 4% of the entire park, they have found thousands of significant artifacts dating back to 2800 B.C.
  • Approximately six million tourists visit each year
  • The Grand Canyon is considered one of the 8 natural wonders of the world
  • There exists a town of 208 residents down at the bottom of the canyon. It’s called Supai Village. It is the only town in the USA that still gets their mail delivered by mule train
Supai Village
Supai Village – Inhabited Since 1330 A.D. by the Havasupai Tribe

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