Facts About The Andy Griffith Show
10 Facts About The Andy Griffith Show
The Andy Griffith Show

Facts About The Andy Griffith Show

  1. Facts About The Andy Griffith Show: The Andy Griffith Show took place in rural North Carolina, but was actually filmed at Desilu Studios in Burbank California. As most nostalgic TV aficionados know, Desilu was the brainchild of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz who co-starred on the hit show I Love Lucy

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Andy Griffith: A Spinoff

2. The Andy Griffith Show was not an altogether original concept. It was in fact a spinoff of The Danny Thomas Show

Danny Thomas with Andy

3. Andy Griffith and Don Knotts were best friends in life outside the TV Show. Andy was with Don during his finally moments before passing away on February 24th, 2006

Andy with Don Knotts

4. The Andy Griffith Show did not wane in popularity and get canceled like many sitcoms did. They went out at the top of their game and because of this, reruns have never become stale and/or unpopular

The Andy Griffith Show Opening Theme Song

“I always enjoy cutting Barney’s hair. His ears kind of wing out and it gives you room to work.”
— Floyd the Barber

Was Mayberry Actually a Real Town?

5. The fictional town of Mayberry was based on Andy Griffith’s hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina. To this day, many traveler’s visit Mount Airy’s quaint bed and breakfast spots to take in some of that wonderful nostalgia

“Sheriff Andy Taylor: There goes a happy man.

Deputy Barney Fife: There goes a happy nut.”

  • Episode when Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army
Andy Griffith Merchandise

6. The character of Barney Fife was created as an incidental figure and was not suppose to last out the first season. The producers were so impressed with the acting of Don Knotts that they wrote him in as a permanent fixture. The rest is history

Andy Griffith Merchandise; barney fife t-shirt

7. The original theme song for the show had lyrics and was sung by Everett Sloane. The producers later decided that the whistling was more “hometown”

8. Of the show’s 250 episodes, 160 were in black and white, while 90 were in color

Barney Fife and Otis

9. Producers originally wanted Andy’s character to resemble the slow-witted character Will Stockdale, who Griffith portrayed in the movie “No Time For Sergeants” but quickly realized that wouldn’t work. The Andy Griffith Show needed a more composed figure in order to balance out the other nutty cast members

Ernest T. Bass: “I’m no account, Andy”

Sheriff Andy Taylor: “You’re not no-count, Earnest. You’re just ignorant, that’s all”

Ernest T. Bass: “Aw, you’re being kind.”

The Andy Griffith Show

Andy Griffith – After the Show

10. Not only did Andy Griffith continue acting in many fabulous roles, his co-stars Don Knotts and Ron Howard didn’t do so bad as well. Who can forget Don as the wacky Mr Furley on the hit sitcom Three’s Company and, of course, Ron Howard went on to star as Richie Cunningham in the hit show Happy Days and also scooped up an Oscar for his movie “A Beautiful Mind

Andy Griffith Merchandise

The Andy Griffith Show Cast

  • Andy Griffith – Andy Taylor
  • Ron Howard – Opie Taylor
  • Frances Bavier – Aunt Bee Taylor
  • Don Knotts – Barney Fife
  • Colin Male – Announcer
  • George Lindsey – Goober Pyle
  • Howard McNear – Floyd Lawson
  • Tom Jacobs – Townsman
  • Aneta Corsaut – Helen Crump
  • Jack Dodson – Howard Sprague
  • Hal Smith – Otis Campbell
  • Hope Summers – Clara Edwards
  • Betty Lynn – Thelma Lou
  • Jim Nabors – Gomer Pyle
  • Paul Hartman – Emmett Clark
  • Mary Lansing – Martha Clark
  • Burt Mustin – Jud Fletcher
  • Robert McQuain – Joe Waters
  • Richard Keith – Johnny Paul Jason
  • Elinor Donahue – Ellie Walker
  • Jack Burns – Deputy Warren Ferguson
  • Dick Elliott – Mayor Pike
  • Joseph Hamilton – Chester Jones
  • Joseph Crehan – Townsman
  • Sheldon Collins – Arnold Bailey
  • Allan Melvin – Clarence ‘Doc’ Malloy
  • Dennis Rush – Howie Pruitt
  • Roy Engel – A Townsman
  • Howard Morris – Ernest T. Bass
  • Ronda Jeter – Karen Burgess
  • Parley Baer – Mayor Roy Stoner
  • Charles Thompson – Asa Breeney
  • Denver Pyle – Briscoe Darling
  • Cheerio Meredith – Emma Brand
Andy Griffith Merchandise
The Andy Griffith Show will always hold a special place in the hearts of fans, both old and new. While the show may have ended in 1968, its legacy continues to live on, with reruns being watched by millions of fans worldwide. The show's simple yet heartwarming storyline, lovable characters, and catchy theme song are just some of the reasons why it remains a classic. So there you have it, 10 facts about The Andy Griffith Show that you may not have known before. It's amazing how a show that aired over half a century ago still manages to captivate audiences today!

Andy Griffith: Recording Artist

Griffith was also a successful recording artist, releasing several albums of gospel and country music. His most successful single was “What It Was, Was Football,” which reached number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1965. He also released several albums of comedy and spoken word recordings, including An Evening with Andy Griffith and Just for Laughs.

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In addition to his acting and music career, Griffith was also an active philanthropist. He was a strong supporter of the United Way and the Salvation Army, and he was a founding member of the North Carolina Arts Council. He was also a strong advocate for education, and he established the Andy and Barbara Griffith Scholarship Fund to help students from his hometown of Mount Airy attend college.

Andy Griffith was a beloved figure in American popular culture, and his death in 2012 was widely mourned. He left behind a legacy of laughter, music, and philanthropy that will be remembered for generations to come.

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